GS Mark - TÜV Rheinland

July 20, 2023 2 min read

The worldwide recognized GS certification mark ensures that the products meet the quality and safety requirements outlined in the German Product Safety Act. GS Mark exceeds required legal standards in many cases.

GS testing integrates several product-specific national and European directives and regulations and determines whether the instructions for use are correct and complete, and ensures that all GS Mark requirements are met. 

GS Mark is a voluntary product and safety test conducted by an officially recognized test center. Product users can assume that their safety and health are not at risk during the intended and foreseeable use and the foreseeable misuse of your product.

The scope of the GS Mark includes essential product characteristics such as electrical safety, chemical and hazardous material use, ergonomics and noise, and also covers an evaluation of a manufacturer’s factory production. 

The GS Mark on a product remains valid provided that a manufacturer submits to an annual inspection of its production facilities.

Most QUICKLOADER® tie-downs are GS certified. The surest way to tell if a product is certified is to check if there is the GS TÜV symbol on the product packaging.


TÜV is short for Technischer Überwachungsverein in German, which means Technical Inspection Association. These associations are independent companies that test, inspect, and certify technologies, products, and systems to ensure potential hazards and prevent damages.

In Europe, TÜV companies do safety inspections in the automobile industry and overlook several key industries such as energy, infrastructure, medical, manufacturing, technology, and consumer products.

TÜV is equivalent to an additional guarantee of safety and quality, which shows that the product and its manufacturing process have been tested and monitored by an independent certification body. TÜV has inspected all stages of the process and tested the product mechanically and chemically in the laboratory to ensure that they are safe to use.


QUICKLOADER® products that are GS TÜV certified.

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