The QUICKLOADER® Advantage Hybrid QLA2000HDH tie-down is a new kind of magnetized two-piece strap that has been significantly improved.

This QL1200MDH ratchet strap features a longer handle than normal, a more ergonomic grip, a more reliable opening mechanism, magnets for easy storage, and attachment, and easier storage of excess webbing. In addition, the product has a QUICKLOADER® opening wing for easier product use and maintenance, as well as reinforced webbing edges for longer life and added safety.

We believe this is the best traditional 2-piece ratchet strap out there.

QUICKLOADER® Advantage Hybrid QLA2000MDH tie-down benefits as bullet points:

  • Unique Ergonomicly designed rubber handle
  • QL longer handle / higher torque
  • QL opening wing for added convenience
  • QL Anti-tilting release ratchet
  • Reinforced strap for durability
  • QL magnet technology (storage in 1 piece, stays rolled up)
  • No slipping hooks when installing
  • Sandblastered for durability & safety
  • EN 12195-2 Standard
  • RoHS Compliant and PAHs Free
  • GS TÜV certified
  • Break strength 2000 kg
  • Webbing length 6 meters
  • Webbing width 35 millimeters