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The QUICKLOADER Grip QLG250 carry handle combines an innovative professional ergonomic handle with a strong self-winding webbing.

The possibilities are limitless, from combining tool boxes or other site materials into a single bundle before carrying, logs and lumber, or carrying purchases to and from your car, home to home, or fixing gear to your boat. Free a hand or double up and carry more at a time - ergonomically while reducing the risk of falling objects while carrying.

Our prototype won two main awards in the UK innovation competition as a completely new professional solution for an age-old problem. 

QUICKLOADER® Grip is a professional quality solution for carrying. 

  • Gives you a free hand
  • Enables to double up the carrying load
  • Saves time
  • Quick to use design
  • Improves ergonomy
  • Improves safety 
  • Comfort handle
  • Rust resistant
  • PAHs Free